The Cat’s Meow: 5 Top Trending Charms for Cat Collars in 2021

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Unlock Your Feline's Fashion with the Top 5 Trending Cat Collar Charms

There's an animal lover deep inside each one of us, especially cat owners who view their feline friends not just as pets, but as treasured family members. We're tipping our hats (and tailcoats) today to the ever-evolving world of cat jewelry. We're taking a stroll down the dazzling runway of the latest cat collar charm trends, ensuring your feline friend's fashion is nothing short of 'purrfection'.

Trend #1 - Personalized Initial Charms

The trend of personalization continues to reign supreme even in the cat jewelry world. These tiny embellishments bearing initials are a secret handshake into the exclusive world of bespoke fashion for cats. Remember - cat divas aren’t monogrammed, they’re cattogrammed!

Trend #2 - Nature-inspired Charms

As the proverb goes, 'curiosity killed the cat,' but it sure has led them to some pretty stylish charms! This trend encapsulates all things outdoors - from tiny fish charms to representations of forests and trees. It's the closest your city kitty may get to wildlife, without having to step foot into the great outdoors.

Trend #3 - Astrological Sign Charms

What’s more purr-suasive than the alignment of stars guiding your kitty through her nine lives? Cat lovers are purchasing charms that correspond with their pet's astrological signs, adding a celestial vibe to their kitty’s style.

Trend #4 - Gem-studded Charms

Who said bling is only for humans? A little sparkle never hurts, especially when it's jewelry for your favorite feline. This trend involves cat collar charms studded with precious gems. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend… and sometimes, they're a cat's too!

Trend #5 – Minimalist Bell Charms

Muted elegance is key with minimalist bells – they’re the cat’s meow when it comes to collar charms. Not only do these charms look sleek, but they also serve a functional role. With discreet tinkles announcing her presence, your cat might just spare the neighborhood birds, if that's not too much of a tweet to ask!

In conclusion, following these trends means your cat can be fiercely fashionable and fantastically feline. True to what Christian Dior said, 'Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.' And zest, our dear cat lovers, is one thing our increasingly-trendy feline friends have in spades.

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