Gems for Ginggers: An In-Depth Look into the Latest Jewelry Trends for Orange Tabby Cat Lovers

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Can't resist the charm of Orange Tabby Cats? You are not alone!

If you have wooed over Jonesy in Alien, Azrael from the Smurfs or our favourite animated cat Garfield, you know the irresistible charm of orange tabbies. And if you are a cat lover (which I am betting you are, because why else would you click on our blog?), you probably want to adorn yourself with jewelry that expresses your love for these ginger felines. Luckily, the world of cat jewelry is embracing our Orange Tabby friends more than ever!

The Bread and Butter of Orange Tabby Cat Jewelry

One can argue that all cats are special, but there is something truly unique about those of the ginger variety. The popularity of Orange Tabbies has exploded in the cat jewelry world with rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings stylized to represent them. The trend has grown so big that even big-name jewelry brands are now crafting unique collections dedicated to our beloved Orange Tabby cats!

Orange Gemstones? Purr-fectly Suited!

Orange is not the easiest color to work with when it comes to gemstones. But, designers are getting creative and going all out with their orange gem masterpieces. Fine jewels featuring carnelian, citrine, and amber are making their way into the market, designed to charm not just the wearer but also any Orange Tabby looking their way.

Julia Curr, famous jewellery designer once said, "Designing for Orange Tabbies has brought an exciting tension to my work. It's all about capturing their playful yet majestic personality and of course, that fiery orange!"

Why should hoomans have all the fun? Cute Collars for Cuter Cats!

Our feline friends deserve to partake in these trends, too, right? Indeed, designers are no longer restricting the bling to humans. Spoil your ginger felines with beautifully handcrafted collars that not only look gorgeous but are safe and comfortable for your furry pals.

Ready to join the Ginger Cat Jewellery Clan?

With these fast-emerging trends, it’s clear that orange is the new black in the cat jewelry realm. If you’ve been on the fence wondering whether you could pull off wearing jewels colored like your furred buddy, there's no better time to jump in than now.